"Insight Coach Training"

"Joel Oliver is an exceptional Coach who can take you on a journey to learn the skill of masterful coaching. His ability to hear what is not said, to ask masterful coaching questions, to create ICF Credentialed courses that help people of faith coach from a different place is amazing. If you are in pursuit of our ICF ACC Certification or you are a coach that is needing additional training to maintain your credentials-look no further than Insight Coaching Stl." (Sincerly RDM)

"After taking several classes with Joel Oliver of Insight CoachingStl., I have to say he is a Master Coach and Teacher. Hehas a keen ability to craft open ended coaching questions on the spot, share and provide input as a mentor and create an encouraging and open dialogue with each of the students in the class. Joel pours his heart into the training he offers and provides material that can immediately incorporated into your Coaching. I know the material and knowledge I learned will definitely be used in my Coaching Practice". (Dianne McKimm C.A.C.L.C., AG Advanced Coach Level 2 Board Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach. Precious Stones Coaching)

"Insight Coach Training has taken me from one who feels the need to have all the answers to one who has confidence to listen deeply, ask bold questions and help others discover their desired answer, actions, growth and significance. This training has been challenging, encouraging and motivating. I now have notebooks of wisdom, guidance, methods and encouragement from which I will continue to grow as a Coach" (J.R.)