Executive/Leadership Coaching


I specialize in coaching Health Care Leaders to coach their leaders. My target groups are hospitals of 100 beds or less, health-related educational programs, and other health-related businesses. When a Health care Leader has coaching skills in their toolbox and they know how to use these powerful coaching skills, they will experience an increase in positive planning momentum. Job satisfaction will go up. Patients and clients will be better served and employee retention will increase. They will see their leadership team go from just a team to a highly effective team.

I would like to serve you as your Leadership Coach
and help you get to your goals faster and with greater results.



"I believe I have a unique blend of education and experience in the area of leadership. I function, past and present, in various executive and leadership roles. Coaching has radically changed my perspective on how to lead, how to create a highly effective team, how to plan strategically, and how to leverage great communication skills. I believe that every executive and every key leader would benefit from having a coach. I love teaching coaching skills to leaders and to mid-level managers, and I am convinced that Coaching will help any individual or group to get to their goals faster and with better results".

- Joel A. Oliver, PCC, AGCC3, CCLC


Certifications and Leadership Accomplishments

  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified level PCC
  • AG Coaching certified level AGCC3
  • Coach Approach Certified Leadership Coach (CCLC) and High-Performance Coach (HHP)
  • Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from University of Tennessee
  • Past Associate Professor at University of Iowa
  • Past Adjunct Professor at St. Louis College of Pharmacy
  • Director of Pharmacy Services at DePaul Hospital (St. Louis), Jewish Hospital (St. Louis), Mercy Hospital (St. Louis), City of Faith Hospital (Tulsa)
  • Executive Senior Pastor at Trinity Assembly of God Church
  • Director of Insight School of Coach Training
  • President of Insight Coaching STL LLC



  • Individual one-on-one Executive and/or Key Leader Coaching
    (minimum of six sessions per person suggested)
  • Key Leader Strategic Planning Meetings (Coaching Agreement per project)
    Facilitate forward-thinking through the development of clear and precise communications in the creation of a mission statement, vision statement, action steps, and follow-up and evaluation for strategic projects.
  • Coach Training and Coaching Skills Seminars for supervisors and mid-level managers (i.e. Hospital Nursing Supervisors and Head Nurses) to teach them coaching and communication skills to help promote greater job performance and better retention of staff. Training and seminars for health care students are also available.
  • Basic Leadership Coach Training Skills
    • Reflective and empathic listening
    • Forming powerful questions
    • Drawing out vs pouring in - how to ask powerful forward-thinking questions
    • Building 'buy in' with team members
    • Curiosity and perspectives
    • Learning to identify and build on strengths
    • Forward motion planning - getting past assumed constraints to positive action
    • Deeper learning
    • Accountability



  • 360 Assessments
  • Strengths Assessments
  • Core Values Assessments
  • S.C.A.R.F. Assessment
  • High-Performance Patterns Assessment (HPP)


Costs - see Rate Chart

Contact Joel for individual or group options and rates.