Lectures and Seminars

Presented by Joel Oliver, PCC, AGCC3, CCLC

  • Tailored for Ministry Groups, Ministry Teams, Civic Groups, Executive Leadership and Business Teams, and various other groups
  • 1 - 4 hour sessions
  • Cost negotiable (typical cost of a 4-hour seminar is $50 per person)


Available topics:

HOW TO DEVELOP AN EFFECTIVE COACHING PRACTICE - This seminar is in a discussion format and deals with basic considerations of how to start a coaching practice. We look at strengths verses skills, your coaching focus, your target clients, certifications, marketing and the business of running a business or ministry.

THE SEVEN HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE: APPLIED This seminar explores Steven R. Covey's, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People . It is especially tailored to the specific group attending (Business Teams, Ministry Teams, Marriages, Hospital Staffs, Senior College Students, etc.).

THE SIX MOST COMMON THINGS THAT HOLD PEOPLE BACK FROM POSITIVE FORWARD MOTION - This seminar deals with the six things that I have observed most often hold people back from moving forward in a positive way. We discuss how selfishness, rebellion, fear, pride, strife and lust impede positive progress.

FOUR STEPS TO A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE INNER VICTORY - This seminar focuses on four habits that will help a person, ministry or business to have a highly successful inner victory When a person or an organization is right on the inside, it can reach goals higher and faster. The seminar is based on concepts from Steven R. Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People .

DEVELOPING THE FIVE LAWS OF EFFECTUAL PROGRESS This seminar lays out conscepts that I learned from my father. It centers around Integrity - Consistency - Identity - Responsibilty - Accountability. When a person, ministry or business is consisently growing in these areas, they will experience greater success.

DEVELOPING A CLIMATE OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TRUST This seminar deals with concepts from Steven R. Covey's, The Power of Trust . The most important thing a person, ministry or business has is their "NAME". When a person, ministry or business can be trusted, it opens the door to great potential. This seminar will help you to establish or restore TRUST.

DEVELOPING A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE MARRIAGE This seminar centers around the following concepts: identifying and reversing the sin cycle that leads to conflict; i dentifying and reversing internal judgments that sink a marriage; learning how to properly LOVE and RESPECT (the powerful Ephesians 5:33 reality that deals with violation and validation mandates); developing a marriage mission statement; and other powerful relational concepts.

DEVELOPING A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE LIFE AFTER 60 This seminar helps senior people who are in transition (retirement, loss of a spouse, limiting physical condition, loss of driving privileges) to move forward to a highly effective and vital life.

DEVELOPING A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE LIFE STYLE This seminar presents concepts to help a person be in balance in the following areas: handling stress, diet, exercise, use of medications, proper consumption of water, and rest. This seminar has valuable concepts for all people of all ages.

DEVELOPING A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PRAYER LIFE This Seminar helps a person or group develop a James 5:16 prayer life that is fervent and effectual. It centers around five prayer models that are scripturally based and powerful.

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